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Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur trying to market your business on social media and getting nowhere?  

Not even sure if all this work blogging, posting and creating video is really working?  

I know how you feel. You already have so much to do managing your clients or trying to find some clients so you can pay the bills. Now you have to spend hours a day writing, posting, tweeting AND figuring out what to say on camera.  

Enough is enough! It’s exhausting!  

I’ve felt that way at times too. Thankfully, I really like technology and I was able to invest 10+ years getting this whole social media thing figured out. 

You probably don't have that kind of time though!

I like testing and trying new things and I love being able to help others put all the pieces together and make it work for their business.  

Janice Clark Founder and CEO of BizMSolutions

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I’ve helped so many others over the years and I’ve just put the finishing touches on a new program so I can help you too!  

The truth is, you may have already figured out a lot of the little pieces. You know you should be blogging, but do you understand how to do it in minutes instead of hours?  

You know video is important but do you know which tools you need, which ones you can eliminate and which topics to talk about?  

I do! 

There's one more step most people overlook (or choose to ignore) when they try to grow their business. It's a vital step and it's #1 reason most people fail.  

Join me for a custom 30-45-minute strategy session.  

During our time together you'll achieve:  

  • A crystal clear vision of the level of success you want in your business.  
  • We’ll uncover the hidden challenges that are literally sabotaging you and preventing you from achieving the results you want. 
  • You'll leave this call feeling energized, focused and confident in your ability to find your next ideal client.  

I help people 2X, 3X and even 10X their profits!  

Click on the button below to introduce yourself and join me on a call to discover how you can increase your visibility and land higher paying clients. I'll share the reason most people fail with social media and we'll make sure you're not one of them!

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"I'm an Amazon Best Seller because of Janice Clark! She has brought me from obscurity into creating a platform that has gotten me appearances on the Today Show. She has brought me to the status of #1 Best Selling author on Amazon within one year. She took my social media from a few hundred friends, relatives and acquaintances to thousands of people. She has done this organically. Now we have an engaged following of people who really care and interact with me. This has helped me grow my business with people who keep coming back and have gone from being followers to being clients!" Mary Giuseffi Branding Expert, International Speaker and Best Seller Author

Janice is brilliant at what she does. Her experience and insights are invaluable. I was looking for someone who is heart-centred and had the experience and knowledge to help expand my business online. From our first call, I knew straightaway that Janice was the right person. She made sure she understood my business needs very quickly and created a well-planned social media strategy. Janice has saved me so much stress and now I am enjoying using social media as part of my business strategy. She has saved me many hours by helping me to expand my online presence and business reach. She is so calm and fun to work with. Her continual support and guidance are invaluable. She goes the extra mile in everything she does. Joyce Okakah dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

"Janice is one of the few people I know in the social media industry that has a systems/ operations background. As a result of her experiences, Janice is very detailed oriented, thorough, and will get the job done when working with her clients. Janice is one of the very few social media strategists that also is very skilled with design, coding, and other more technical components. Therefore, Janice is uniquely positioned to be your one-stop, full service social media service provider. I highly recommend Janice!" Laura Demeo Owner, Tri-Ultra Media

"I've worked with Janice for several years now, and have come to depend on her as my go-to person for all my social media and operations needs. She treats my business as if it were her own, always going the extra mile to ensure my comfort level. My business would have gone nowhere without her advice and structure. I'm so glad to have her!" Tamara Hancock

"I've been working with Janice Clark for more than 6 years now and every day I'm thankful that she and her team are in my life. If you need a tech savvy, heart based team in your business, no matter what you're going through, Janice and her team are the people to go to." Sandra and Daniel Biskind International Speakers and Best Selling Authors of Codebreaker

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